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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

A simple exploration of many buildings will show that there are hidden locations and unnoticed places; the Dimmae Theater by definition has hidden locations, seeing as how it was built so as to maintain the illusion of the theater at all times. Actors need to get from one side of the stage to the other without being noticed, musicians and directors need visual access to the stage, and stagehands have to move props around without being seen during the brief curtain closures; all this combines to make this theater a veritable honeycomb of tunnels and 'secret' passageways. The entrance to this attic, however, was sealed off with actual beeswax, an indication of the hive that had taken up residence inside! Once the bees are cleared out, a quick exploration of this area shows a table and chair caked in dust, a never-ending ink blotter, and packet of folded-up parchments sealed with a famillar wax seal. Anyone who has studied music and songs as much as you have will recognize the seal for whose it is in an instant... it's Callean the Bard's!


Work in the Dimmae Theater's Secluded Attic (Active)[]

This nearly-Impossible to find area contalns a table and chalr, a sealed letter with a famillar wax seal, and a never-ending ink blotter. With a visit to the Secluded Attic at the Dimmae Theater, one has the opportunity to Increase Music Theory and Notation by 1, and to gain 3 point Bonus to the Compose Epic Action - but only for the duration of one's stay.

Look Around the Dimmae Theatre (Active)[]

You have the option of just wandering around the Dimmae Theatre - the place is the size of a small palace, and there are several different Locations contained within it; touring through them will Expand both your Theatre Skill and your Architecture Skill by 1 Step each.

Unlocked By[]