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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

Popular as the Dimmae Theater is, its stage is used frequently by troupes looking for an excellent place to practice, scripwriters looking for inspiration, actors hoping to one day grace the stage during a play, and so forth. If you're lucky enough to get the stage all to yourself, you're welcome to pace back and forth and get a feel for the space or do whatever it is you feel like doing (as long as it's legal). Visits here are excellent at expanding your knowledge of the theater, but when someone is already here, it's polite to turn around and leave.

Abilities (Active)[]

Practice Speech[]

You Increase your Theatre and Acting Subskills and your Charm Attribute by 1 point each for three days.

Look Around the Dimmae Theatre[]

You have the option of just wandering around the Dimmae Theatre - the place is the size of a small palace, and there are several different Locations contained within it; touring through them will Expand both your Theatre Skill and your Architecture Skill by 1 Step each.

Unlocked by[]