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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 5[]

Only those who are extremely well versed in the world of the Theater are allowed up into the Stage Director's Booth, so consider yourself privileged! The only thing better than being in the stage director's booth is being in the director's booth, but unless you're planning on funding a performance or being a director yourself, don't count on ever seeing the inside of that precious room. As it is, visiting this next-best area will help you to see things the way a stage director sees them, giving you plenty of insight on how they see your monologue. Gestures you thought were useful might not come across right from here, and since the producers usually observe the actors from here, this is probably the best place you could draw inspiration from anyway.


Dimmae Theater: Stage Director's Booth (Active)[]

Visiting the Stage Director's Booth at Dimmae Theater will Increase your Leadership Subskill by 2 points, Theatre and Acting Subskills by 1 point each, and Insight Attribute by 1 point as well. The effects last for two full days.

Look Around the Dimmae Theatre (Active)[]

You have the option of just wandering around the Dimmae Theatre - the place is the size of a small palace, and there are several different Locations contained within it; touring through them will Expand both your Theatre Skill and your Architecture Skill by 1 Step each.

Unlocked By[]