Casting the Disorder the Heavens spell disrupts the Astrological influences acting upon you (and a handful of your classmates) at any given time. It Increases your overall Chance of Success by 15%, and it makes you 25% more likely to stumble into Random Events; it also Decreases the Luck of two random students by 2 points, and Increases poor Aaran Ledale's Chance of Failure by 8%. Casting it reduces your Ethics score by one Step; all other effects persist for two days at a time.


  • Increase (+15%) Chance of Success
  • Increase (+25%) Chance of Random Event
  • Expand (-1) Religion - Ethics (bugged)
  • Add Memory - You disordered the heavens.
  • Decrease (-2) Luck (random student)
  • Decrease (-2) Luck (random student)
  • Increase (+8%) Chance of Failure (Aaran Ledale)

Action Types

None (possible bug?)

Spell Types

  • Astrology
  • Bring Forth
  • Chaos
  • Serendipity


Duration: 12

Unlocked By

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