The Divinatio Pheme Increases one's Astrology Skill by 3. The difficulty level is 3.

Meaning "Future Seeing" in Old Elumian, the Divinatio Pheme was discovered and perfected by Professor Badcrumble of the Academagia in 1622. Kept under tight wraps, she only shows this Pheme to her most favored students. Those who learn this Pheme are told not to teach it to anyone else, but Professor Badcrumble knows it's only a matter of time before word leaks out. When it does, she intends to make her wrath known to whoever blabs, especially if that student happens to be a he.

Rarity Type: Legendary

Difficulty: 3


Spell Types

  • Astrology (Magnitude = 5)
  • Divinatio (Magnitude = 5)

Unlocked by

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