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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

Dressr's is so obviously from Oncestria that one need not bother asking; in fact, Dressr is more than willing to talk about his time on the main island, how he came about leaving, and what he thinks of the state of things there… all while applying cosmetics in a professional and courteous manner! Always looking for decent help, Dressr is willing to let students who show promise work with him at his shop. He charges for the privilege of working in his shop, though, so if one cannot afford the 10 pim entrance fee, perhaps it would be better to come back when one is more skilled.

Abilities (Active)[]

Work at Dressr's Cosmetics Shop[]

If one has sufficient skill with Cosmetics (success at a Charm/Cosmetics Roll v. 9), one can earn some pims (there's no fixed rate, unfortunately) at Dressr's Cosmetics Shop. Even If you don't earn any cash, a few hours here will Expand a random Brew subskill by 1 Step.

Unlocked by[]