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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 3[]

Note: as of patch 3 and content patch 1 this area has changed

The tiny entrance to this Earth Sprite nest belies the vast cavern that lies below it.  At any given time, more than 90% of all workers and warriors are out and about, searching for goods or raiding other sprite nests.  With just a skeletal guard behind, the sprites are surprisingly open about their wondrous tools and designs they leave lying around for any invaders to see or use.  Unfortunately, these tools are so small as to be completely unusable by humans; the designs are equally useless, being drawn and explained in a language only the sprites themselves may read and understand.  If someone were actually able to break the sprites’ language…but that is a dream world, a fantasy that none can fulfill.  Simply visiting this area (once cleared of guardians) is enough to expand one’s abilities in Artisan; just seeing how these fist-sized creatures operate is enough to gain a better understanding of how to work in and with confined spaces.  


Earth Sprite Nest[]

A visit to the Enchanted Earth Sprite Nest will Expand your Artisan and Pure Luck Subskills by 1 Step each.

- Expand Artisan - 1 SS

- Expand Pure Luck - 1 SS

Unlocked by[]

Sabotage - Artisan 2