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While carrying the Eisenia Editio, you gain a +1 Stress Maximum. Additionally, you may set it loose to Reduce the Study Habits (by 1 Step) of a character of your choice. At this point, the Editor Worm is so fond of you that it'll probably even return to you after these missions.

Abilities (Passive)[]

  • Increase Stress Maximum +1

Abilities (Active)[]

  • Unleash the Eisenia Editio: Decrease target Student's Study Habits -1 SL

Item Type[]


Durability Type: Perishable

Durability: 25

Size: 0

Concealability: 0

Worth: 280

Recipe Information[]

Quality: 0

Enchant Skill: Revision

Gained From[]

  • Random Event where a worm starts eating your homework (Story Code: Library 9).
    • Gained from failing an Ambush roll v no less than 4