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Cast the Embracing Excess Spell, and your entire Clique gets swept up in the moment - you all set aside doubts and crank up the enthusiasm! The Stress of everyone affected will be permanently reduced by 1 point, and every member of the Clique will find that his or her Relationship with a random member of his or her own circle of friends has Expanded by one point. Moreover, until you all rest, your Playfulness and Flirting Subskills are both Increased by 2 points - but your Insight is Decreased by 1 and your Chance of being Discovered is up 5%. The Spell requires a moderately difficult Charm/Glamour Roll (v. 6) to get off the ground.


Action Type[]

  • Beneficial
  • Social

Spell Types[]

  • Glamour


Duration: 1[]

Unlocked by[]