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College: Aranaz

Familiar: Shelbie

Emilia seems very out of place in Aranaz. The Aranaz students are all so together and cool and they always do well in what they do. Her peers all seem so much more focused than she does. And scary. Emilia’s not very scary. She’s mostly just very small. She’s lacking the Aranaz intensity, which could make her the perfect secret weapon…

Ability: Thirst for Validation

Emilia’s thirst to prove herself worthy of her father’s love has given her the drive to plan out several extraordinary ‘adventures’ for her enemies; this continual planning has Increased her Planning (+2), Strategy (+1), and Flawless Timing (+1).

Clique Ability: Parental Payoff

Emilia's humility, quiet good humor, and respect for her father's example are notable virtues - they certainly impress your own family. Once you enter into a close friendship with her, the folks back home quickly perceive a good influence upon you, and Parental Approval goes up twenty points. Good stuff!

Rather makes you wonder what you were doing wrong before, though.


Arithmetic, Calligraphy, Dialectic, Grammar, History, Incantation

Good skills


Note: Lots of low skills

Base Attributes

Fitness: 1, Finesse: 3, Charm: 2, Strength: 1, Intelligence: 2, Insight: 3, Luck: 2

Personality Preferences

Likes: Inform - Character, Inform - Durand, Expand Skill of Familiar

Dislikes: Expand Compete, Expand Debate


  • Mouse among Elephants (Ability - Ruin Homework; Move silently, Observation)
  • Better The College (Merit and Relationships Aranaz)
  • Academic Success (Study)
  • Familiarize the Familiar (Bond and Familiar)
  • Wuv. Twue Wuv. (Confidence, Flirting, Relationship - Opposite Sex)

Adventure: The Weary Library

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