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Region: Imperial Reserve[]

Exploration Difficulty: 12[]

Chance of Discovery: 6[]

Though rulers by definition, a great many of the emperors were also well practiced magicians. A few were even rumored, as heavily embellished as those rumors may have been, to surpass all the magicians that which they commanded. And thus a great many personal items from the rulers of the Empire had been collected in the Wand Room. Much like a coat-of-arms within the practice of heraldry, the Wands are much revered even for a solely senimental value. Though the tomes of Alessa, finely lacquered examples of imperial Rimbal gear, and sundry other antiquities line the walls of the room, the Wands shall forever remain the heart of the collection.


Emperor's Wand Room (Active)[]

A visit to the Emperor's Wand Room will allow a clever student to gain 1 Step Expansions to his or her skill with Materials Knowledge and the Theory of Enchantment.

Unlocked By[]