The enchanted Horn came as a gift from a chamber. A musician untrained in its underlying magic can perform with it for pims, earning anywhere from 10 to 100 with a successful Charm/Music Roll v. 6. Mastery of the first techniques allows for a simple combat use, allowing the user to push enemy out of melee range. Mastery of higher techniques unlocks more destructive capabilities, allowing the user to do 3 points of damage to an opponent at any distance, with no Rolls required.

Training can only come from orchestra itself; when they leace town, progress in mastering the Horn's powers comes to an abrupt stop.


Play the Horn for Money.

  • Earn 10 to 100 pims on Charm/Music Roll vs 6

Play the Horn for Space

  • Combat use. Push enemy out of melee range

Play the Horn for Damage

  • 3 point damage on opponent at any distance, no Rolls

Item Type


Durability type: Durable

Durability: 3

Size: 0

Concealability: 0

Worth: 700

Recipe Information

Quality: 2

Enchant Skill



Music (Value = 2)

Gained By

Music in the Open

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