Region: Imperial Reserve

Exploration Difficulty: 5

Chance of Discovery: 16


Pay Tuition (Active)

It just costs an extraordinary amount of money to get in to the Contu school - no one will even give you the chance until you show up at the front desk with 900 pims. Once you're accepted as a student, however, you can enjoy an accelerated study of Incantation that would make the great professors of College Godina look on in astonishment, or you can partake of "irregular" studies that offer a very small chance of Expanding Attributes as well as skills.

  • Add Memory "Contu School of Incantation: Tuition paid!"
  • Add Visitation Rights
  • Expand (-900) Money

Study at Esteban Contu’s School of Incantation (Active)

Requirement: Memory "Contu School of Incantation: Tuition paid!"

Whenever you come to pursue formal studies at the Esteban Contu School, you gain a Skill Step at each of the Incantation Subskills in one mad rush. You also gain a point of Stress from all the insane efforts demanded of you - but once your mastery of Incantation is sufficiently high (Intelligence/Incantation Roll v. 6), the studies lose their edge and even that price is swept aside.

Intelligence / Incantation roll vs 6:

Irregular Study at the Contu School (Active)

Requirement: Memory "Contu School of Incantation: Tuition paid!"

With your tuition paid, you can do pretty much whatever you like during a visit to the Contu School - and that includes bypassing regular workshops and lectures and participating in esoteric experiments. You're extremely unlikely to gain any benefit at all (beyond a 1 Step Expansion to a random Enspell subskill), but on the off chance you do, it's likely to be a pretty big deal, offering the possibility of Expanding not just skills, but even a couple of Attributes.

1% chance on one of the below:

Unlocked by

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