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Region: Imperial Reserve[]

Exploration Difficulty: 5[]

Chance of Discovery: 16[]

The outside of Esteban Contu's School of Incantation may look like nothing but a grotto amongst windswept boulders, but inside Is a thriving community of learners deep within the mountaln. Contu', the Master Hermit of Incantation, founded the school in 213 after people of all ages came to him for years to learn the art of Incantation. Contu' originally named it the School for Learning Incantation Truths. It was later renamed in his honor. However, the school remains dedicated to Esteban Contu's vision: instruct novices in simple truths about Incantation and give them the phemes and methods necessary to grow in the art.


Pay Tuition (Active)[]

It just costs an extraordinary amount of money to get in to the Contu school - no one will even give you the chance until you show up at the front desk with 900 pims. Once you're accepted as a student, however, you can enjoy an accelerated study of Incantation that would make the great professors of College Godina look on in astonishment, or you can partake of "irregular" studies that offer a very small chance of Expanding Attributes as well as Skills.

  • Add Memory "Contu School of Incantation: Tuition paid!"
  • Add Visitation Rights
  • Expand (-900) Money

Study at Esteban Contu’s School of Incantation (Active)[]

Requirement: Memory "Contu School of Incantation: Tuition paid!"

Whenever you come to pursue formal studies at the Esteban Contu School, you gain a Skill Step at each of the Incantation Subskills in one mad rush. You also gain a point of Stress from all the insane efforts demanded of you - but once your mastery of Incantation is sufficiently high (Intelligence/Incantation Roll v. 6), the studies lose their edge and even that price is swept aside.

Intelligence / Incantation roll vs 6:

Irregular Study at the Contu School (Active)[]

Requirement: Memory "Contu School of Incantation: Tuition paid!"

With your tuition paid, you can do pretty much whatever you like during a visit to the Contu School - and that includes bypassing regular workshops and lectures and participating in esoteric experiments. You're extremely unlikely to gain any benefit at all (beyond a 1 Step Expansion to a random Enspell subskill), but on the off chance you do, it's likely to be a pretty big deal, offering the possibility of Expanding not just skills, but even a couple of Attributes.

  • Expand Random Enspell Subskill +1 SS

1% chance of one of the following:

Unlocked by[]