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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

Magicians are not the only ones that grew famous with the Empire, as bakers can also catch the fame bug. The common misconception among the citizens is that bakers somehow have an easier vocation than magic users. It is, a matter of fact, almost even in difficulty to become a good baker. The most viable argumenter on this is Esther Zohan, who had fame based only on cooking. No one could replicate the tender morsals found within Zohan's own aptly named Baking Cubby. Zohan still enjoys superiority, despite authoring the baking guide entitled "Instructions on Baking for Young Cooks".


Esther Zohan's Baking Cubby (Passive)[]

This wonderful little location will increase a person's Baking and Cooking skills by 2 points each for as long as they remain in the Cubby.

Unlocked By[]