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Evaluating Jewelry doesn't mean just spouting off an informed guess as to its pecuniary worth - although, yeah, that's a factor. It's also being able to make compelling arguments about the fun value of stones' settings, and the ways colors in different pieces harmonize (or don't). Most people your age couldn't care less - or at least, won't admit to it - but being able to bring practical insight may (if you succeed at an easy Insight/Conversation Roll) impress a female student enough to Expand your Relationship a point. And, hey, even if your friend isn't impressed, you'll still gain a Skill Step towards a random Aesthetics Subskill just from your attempt to draw together a position!


  • Expand random Aesthetics subskill +1
  • Expand random female Relationship

Action Types[]

  • Beneficial
  • Evaluation
  • Research

Duration: 1[]

Unlocked by[]