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Everwine von Zoedorf

College: Vernin

Familiar: Godwin the Red-Toed Hedgehog

Everwine has been scribbling on his parchment ever since he was a little boy. He takes it everywhere with him. When asked about it, Everwine would just go on about something called “Grasshopper.” He used to get in trouble all the time for scribbling on his parchment during class until one day Professor Ringraeyer told him that she’d start erasing the parchment every time she caught him writing on it instead of paying attention. He seemed so distraught by this that he stopped instantly. No one could figure out what he would be writing that would be that frightening to have erased, but when she told him she’d do it everyone who was there said he turned white as a ghost. An odd, round little boy Everwine is, which results in much grief from the other students.

Everwine’s dream is to bring “Grasshopper”, the little cartoon character he’s been penning for years to life. He doesn’t just want to animate Grasshopper, he wants him to live and think and have adventures of his own. So, while the art of limning is a tricky one, he has devoted his spare time to discovering how to bring his imagination into the world. To him, his drawing are like his friends, but for now there’s only so much he can do with them. He started drawing his characters when he was very young and the other students in his village would tease him for being chubby.

Ability: Experienced Illustrator[]

With all the time Everwine has spent drawing and sketching, he’s picked up plenty of tricks of the trade; as such, he tends to be better at Illustration (+2), Forms (+2), Drafting (+1), and Painting (+1) than most of his peers.

Clique Ability: Caricature[]

After a successful dose of Caricature - a 75% chance - your Choice of Character's Composure, Playfulness and Confidence will all be Decreased (by 2 points, 2 points and 1 point, respectively) for 42 turns - but at the same time, his or her Prosecution Chance will go up 7%. [In short, if provoked, they're that much more likely to come out swinging than when they're not the butt of every joke.]

Everwine von Zoedorf is one of those soft-spoken, near-invisible kids; most of the students don't know anything about him, and wouldn't even begin to suspect that he's the source of vicious, embarrassing cartoons - and that's pretty much why he's happy to supply them to his friends. With Everwine's help, you can try to make your chosen victim a laughing stock, anonymously disseminating illustrations that catch all his or her most embarrassing features and present them under a loving (by which we mean cruel) spotlight.


Arithmetic, Calligraphy, Dialectic, Enchant, Glamour, Zoology

Good skills[]

Familiar Kinship, Illustration, Insects

Base Attributes[]

Fitness: 1, Finesse: 5, Charm: 1, Strength: 1, Intelligence: 2, Insight: 3, Luck: 1

Personality Preferences[]

Likes: Expand Enchant, Expand Illustration, Expand Insects, Research Theory of Enchantment

Dislikes: Expand Dance, Expand Gossip, Expand Practical Jokes


  • Deep Research (Research, Library Knowledge, Insects)
  • High Animation (Illustration, Glamour, Enchant)
  • Better The College (Merit and Relationships Vernin)
  • Academic Success (Study)
  • Familiarize the Familiar (Bond and Familiar)

Adventure: Everwine's Special Parchment[]