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Not all Familiar Bonds are for life. Most of them aren't even meant to be - animals and other beings that grow and change from exposure to a wizard's magic often find they have destinies of their own to pursue, and wizards, in turn, often discover that their earliest Familiars are less suited to the demands of the lives they've chosen for themselves than other, more exotic creatures, might be. Plus, sometimes they just don't get along.

Regardless, it's in the nature of the Bond that both sides both come to understand at the same time that a split is required. You don't generally see former Familiars following their ex-wizards around in grief (though sometimes pairs do reconnect later in their careers). It's as clean a break as it can be.

With a successful Insight/Zoology Roll v. 11, you can separate yourself from your current Familiar and attract a new one from an Exotic species. Your Bond will be reset to zero, and all skill training will have to start from scratch - but new Adventures should become available to you


  • Removes old familiar and exchanges it with a new exotic familiar.

Unlocked by