The Exploding Seed Spell is very popular among a certain crowd of practical jokers; it's very simple to do, and can be hilarious if properly managed. For a properly dramatic blast, you need to make a very simple Insight/Incantation Roll (v. 4) - the most lasting effect will be a 1 point Expansion to Stress for whatever poor victim was closest to the burst. Beyond that: if you pull it off with unusually high levels of Finesse and Flawless Timing (Roll v. 7) you'll find your Playfulness Expands a skill step. Moreover, if you can Beguile a good friend into playing along (Charm/Beguile Roll v. 9) your Relationship will Expand a point.


Action Type

  • Beneficial

Spell Types

  • Seed
  • Reveal
  • Preserve
  • Incantation


Duration: 1

Unlocked by

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