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Fabricate Increases the Incantation Parent Skill and the Incantation Methods Subskill by 1 . The difficulty level is 4.

Incantation is all about fabrication. The wizard brings into reality whatever she can imagine. However, Incantation is one of the most difficult schools of magic, and the determination required to create something out of nothing is not easily mastered. In 208, the hermit Esteban Contu designed the pheme Fabricate to quickly raise his students' Incantation skill levels. The boost in skill allowed the students to attempt more challenging magic. And Incantation is always challenging.

Difficulty: 4[]

Possible Effects[]

Increases the Incantation Parent skill and the Incantation Methods Subskill by one point each

Spell Types[]

  • Fabricate (Magnitude = 4)
  • Incantation (Magnitude = 1)

Unlocked by[]