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An adventure your Porcupine familiar will embark on without you, in which your Porcupine covets pie and subsequently pays a price.

Familiar: The Inviting Kitchen[]

  • Escape Artist - Skip the food and leave the kitchen quickly.
  • Running - Grab some food and make a break for the door.
  • Move Silently - Try to find the best way to get to the food (Success: unlocks Hide option)
    • Hide - Hide in the shadows before getting the food.

Unlocks Ability: Loyalty

Familiar: A Sticky Situation[]

  1. Lie - .
  2. Tactics - Discern the best time to bother your master. (Success: increases chance of success)
  3. Composure - Let your sad eyes tell the story.
  4. Flattery - Flatter your master

Familiar: Do-It-Yourself Cleaning[]

Familiar: Recruiting the Army[]

  1. Conversation - Ask nicely.
  2. Negotiate - Bribe the ants.
  3. Listen - Listen to the ants' conversation some more. (Success: Unlocks ??)

Familiar: The Source of the Trouble[]

  1. Planning - Wait for the perfect time before you pounce. (Success: increases chance of success?)
  2. Running - Make a run for it.
  3. Practical Jokes - Create a distraction
  4. Danger Sense - Sneak around. Carefully.

Familiar: The Wise Old Turtle[]

  1. Listen - Take in your surroundings. (Success: ? Failure: No change)
  2. Library Knowledge - Use your familiarity with the location.
  3. Dance - Ask the librarian. You can charm her with a cute little jig, can't you?

Familiar: The Final Obstacle[]

  1. Flattery - Ask for some seeds as adoringly as possible.
  2. Intimidation - Threaten the beast. (Success: +1 Strength for both human and familiar, +1 Courage for familiar, +1 Bond of Iron)
  3. Character Study - Watch the bear. (Success: ? Failure: No change)

(End Adventure)