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This action allows you to expend Relationship points associated with a given Instructor in exchange for a single bonus. The more points that are spent in this manner, the larger the reward.


  • Your Relationship score with the selected Instructor is reset to 0.
  • You receive a single bonus drawn from that Instructor's reward table. The reward is randomly selected from a tier whose number corresponds with the amount of Relationship being expended--e.g., if you expend 4 Relationship points, your reward comes from Favor tier 4. Favor reward tables can be found on each Instructor's page.

Action Type[]

  • Beneficial
  • Academic

Duration: 1[]

Unlocked by[]


  • You actually need to have a positive relationship (>0) with the Instructor you want a Favor from.
  • Remember that gaining more Skill Steps than needed to go up a single Skill Level results in any excess Skills Steps being lost.
  • Your Relationship with Instructors can be propagated by certain Spells, Abilities or Actions.
  • This mechanic is commented upon in-game during the Adventure Request a Meeting with your Mentor - Part 6