Academagia Wiki

Find a Way to Pay for Entrance into the Town Fair[]

Unlocked by: ?

  1. Forget the fair. [End adventure]
  2. Society. Ask other students what they're creating. [Gain options 4 and 5]
  3. Sewing. Create costumes of a pincushion for your familiar and a quilter for you. [Gain Sewing +1]
  4. Playfulness. Do the opposite of what the students suggested. [Gain Playfulness +1]
  5. Creativity. Crazy costume away! [Gain Creativity +1]


  1. Who cares about the tickets? Deep down, you didn't feel like going to the fair anyway. [End adventure]
  2. Running. Run as fast as you can after the boy! [Gain ?]
  3. Blackmail. Do a second search for the tickets. [Gain ?]

Choose your path.[]

  1. Planning. Take a second to think about what you should do. [Increase Chance of Success by 20]
  2. Wrestling. Save the child! [Gain Wrestling +1]
  3. Archery. Oooh, an archery booth! Let's play!
  4. Chirurgery. Save the adult!

Teacher for a Day. [Following Success at previous Option 2][]

  1. There's no way you're teaching these kids. [End adventure]
  2. Leadership. Teach the kids everything you know about fighting back. [Gain Leadership +1]
  3. Conversation. Ask the kids what they'd like to learn the most.

From Theory to Practice[]

  1. Ignore the pounding, ignore the kids, and leave now. [End adventure]
  2. Familiar Kinship. How can you inspire your pupils? [Add Option 4]
  3. Brute Strength. Protect the class!
  4. Passion. Teamwork. [Gain Passion +1]

The Bully King.[]

  1. Tell them no and go back to your fair. [End adventure]
  2. Traps. Be there for them to take down the "Bully King"
  3. Conversation. Ask the kids about the "Bully King"