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Those who add a Finesse Pheme into their spells and items will find it Increasing their Sleight-of-Hand by 1 point and their Finesse attribute by 1 point. The difficulty level is 4.

The Finesse Pheme is critical to those who use their hands to make a living, be it by legitimate, semi-legitimate, or purely illegal means. Musicians will find their ability to play the Lute and the Lyre have incraesed, while ruffians will appreciate their increased abilities in Lock Picking and Sleight-of-Hand; just about everyone will approve of the increases in their Revision skill as well as their Finesse attribute itself. The only downside to this Pheme is the difficulty some may have in drawing it on their Palette, but those who master it will find themselves appreciating its uses more than they dislike its method of creation.

Difficulty: 4[]

Possible Effects[]

Spell Types[]

  • Finesse (Magnitude = 4)

Unlocked by[]