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Required for creating certain items, this Fire Pit is heavy and semi-spherical, making it almost impossible to lug around. Thankfully, most Forges or Workstations already have fire pits, but if you're looking for something too enhance or create a Workstation of your own somewhere, this is an absolute necessity. This fire pit can handle fires up to a medium grade, which should be sufficient for any first or second year needs.

Item Type[]

Forge/Workstation Materials - Tools

Durability Type: Durable

Durability: 650

Size: 3

Concealability: 5

Worth: 550

Recipe Information[]

  • Forge/Workstation Materials - Coal
  • Forge/Workstation Materials - Coal
  • Forge/Workstation Materials - Coal

Quality: 5

Artificing Skill: Engineering

Finishing Skill: Forge

Enchant Skill: Forge

Gained From[]