The Fire Shards spell will do 3 points of damage to one's opponent, no matter how one Rolls. Excellent castings (Finesse/Incantation Methods Rolls v. 5 and 9) can add 2 to 4 further points. An excellent example of the five Pheme school of spell creation, Fire Shards was created during the War of the First Exigency in 758 when packed groups of infantry were the norm on the field of battle. While large scale Fireball spells and Ice Shower spells were being routinely dispelled on the battlefield, Fire Shards would go largely unnoticed and therefore do damage without being negated.


  • Damage (3)
  • Damage (2)
  • Damage (2)

Action Types:

  • Combat, Spell
  • Duel
  • Hostile

Spell Types:

  • Combat
  • Fire
  • Incantation


Duration: 1

Duel Cost: 1.50

Unlocked By

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