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Region: Elumia Proper[]

Chance of Discovery: 4[]

The flour mill has been destroyed and rebuild eleven times in the past three hundred twelve years - its origins before that time are lost to history. It's been infested with undead, it's been the site of a marriage between a mortal wizard and a princess of swans, it's been transmuted into gold and then transmuted again into grass as an object lesson In the futility of attaching value to mere physical qualitles. For seven years, seven months and seven days it once burned with a holy violet flame that healed the wounds of the virtuous. It was a place of omen and mystery, and the people who attended it had more than their fair share of influence on the world around them, for better or for worse.

Then, about twelve years ago, the then professors of the Academanly decided that the recurring excitement wasn't worth all the delays in getting fresh bread, and so they took up wands and choked every sign of supernatural significance they could find out of the place; now it pretty much just grinds grains, and most students have trained themselves to forget it's even there. The professors too, for that matter.

That said, not everything that enters the Flour Mill is wheat: given the sheer number of carts that roll up to the loading docks, some are bound to have been used to haul more exotic fare. The standards for cleanliness just aren't what they might be in the Flour MIll, which gives you a chance to find something new and different every time you visit.

You can also help out if you're strapped for pims - the miller, Toothless Tab, and his son, One-Tooth Tab, always welcome student assistance. That said, they want it understood that it's not their fault if said student happens to get his or her arm caught in the massive gears, ripped off, and returned in a condition best suited to feeding dogs with low standards. Besides, it's not like you magic folk couldn't just slap new arms on anyway - and don't say you couldn't! They know your kind, gods bless you!


Scour the Flour Mill (Active)[]

Visiting the Flour Mill will give you a shot at finding a random seed if Luck and the powers of Observation are kind (Roll v. 6).

  • Add Random Seed

Work the Mill (Active)[]

Earn 20 Pims

Unlocked by[]