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Besides being required knowledge for the creation of certain inks, the Flow Pheme will Increase one's Calligraphy and Forms Subskills by 1 point each. The difficulty level is 4.

The Flow Pheme is used mostly to control the flow of liquids; given the relative scarcity of free-flowing water on the islands, this Pheme has come to be closely associated with ink and parchment. While the Flow Pheme may be extremely useful to ink related arts, only the foolish wizard discounts its other potential uses. Intelligent wizards experimenting with this Pheme may find themselves pleasantly surprised.

Difficulty: 4

Possible Effects

Spell Types

  • Flow (Magnitude = 3)
  • Physical (Magnitude = 1)
  • Water (Magnitude = 1)
  • Opposition Dessicate (Magnitude = 2)

Unlocked by