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The Follow Pheme, simple to create and cast, imparts penalties to its target's Willpower (-2) and Competition (-1) Subskills. The difficulty level is 6.

"It is better to follow than to lead," General Cintrex di'Gethana was fond of saying as he showed new officers around his camp. "fools get killed while leading the front, but Generals survive by directing from the rear." In the year 1249, di'Gethana showed the power of his newly-discovered Pheme when he succeeded in having it secretly inscribed on the insides of all the shields of the army standing opposite him; jsut how he managed to bribe another lord's smithies to do so is still unknown, but never before has an army broken so quickly as did that one that fateful day. The retreating army moved so quickly to the rear that di'Gethana was heard laughing something to the tune of, "Advance to the rear, you cowards, advance!"

Difficulty: 6

Possible Effects

Spell Types

  • Follow (Magnitude = 2)
  • Mind (Magnitude = 2)
  • Opposition Lead (Magnitude = 2)

Unlocked by