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From Nothing, Knowledge is a rather lofty name for a Spell that even Imperial Theoreticians found rather hard to describe; what seems to happen is that the Spell's caster becomes attuned to local elemental forces, and in some way experiences some of the recent events in which they've participated.

Or perhaps the air around you just turns into something that inspires hallucinations.

Either way, you gain a Skill Step in two random Skills, even if you've never studied nor heard of them before in your life. The Spell can be successfully cast (after an Intelligence/Incantation Methods Roll v. 4) once every two days.


  • Expand Random Skill +1 SS
  • Expand Random Skill +1 SS

Action Type[]

  • Academic
  • Beneficial

Spell Types[]

  • Concentration
  • Incantation
  • Superior Mind


Duration: 12[]

Unlocked by[]