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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Exploration Difficulty: 3[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

Within Academagia's own Capilutza, stands a small square that sells the most delicious, and healthy (don't tell the kids!), greens which is known as Gahn Cradle's Green Market. Named after the Green Merchant of Capilutza himself, the Market has tall tales circulating the Empire even about itself. One particular tale tells of magicians who have blessed the produce with magic to allow it unparalleled flavor though this is unconfirmed. A wealth of information can also be found here, as the Market was a particular favorite place of Baron Midian.


Gahn Cradle's Green Market (Passive)[]

Those who visit the Gahn Cradle's Green Market will note a 1-point increase to their Greengrocery Subskill, but only for as long as they remain at the market.


  • Apple (Item)
  • Enriched Flour, 1 Cup (Item)
  • Flour, 1 Cup (Item)
  • Sugar, 1 Cup (Item)

Unlocked By[]