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The ubiquitous Gender Pheme Increases one’s Flirting, Romance and Beguile Skills by 1 point each.
The difficulty level is 6.

The difference between gender and sex is the difference between that of the Mind and that of Corporeal. In the more “refined” times of Moneton’s history, it was seen as a symbol of good breeding and excellent rearing to be a man who showed more feminine than masculine tastes. This did not mean that men flirted with men, however; it simply meant that men took great care in their appearance, demeanor, conversation choices, and so forth. This attitude itself has not entirely disappeared, either. One has to look no further than the Skills of Courtly Fashion and Court Hairstyles to see how this has played out into the present.

Rarity Type: Common[]

Difficulty: 6[]

Possible effects:[]

Spell types:[]

  • Gender (Magnitude = 2)
  • Corporeal (Magnitude = 1)

Unlocked by[]