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Corin Geru is a descendant of the great botanist and mage, Rosvelt Geru. Rosvelt Geru passed on his gifts to future generations, and Corin certainly has contributed to advancements in Agriculture and Botany. At Geru's Greenhouse, Corin has something for everyone, from those who can't grow weeds to award-winning gardeners.

Item Effects Price
Botanical Master Potion +3 Botany, 3 days 112
Keys to a Bountiful Harvest +2 Agriculture, +1 Botany 194
Weedsuckler +1 Agriculture, +1 Animal Husbandry 220
Geru's Super-Potent Insecticide +2 Agriculture, +1 Insects; lasts two weeks 81
The Green Thumb +1 Botany, +2 Bonus Agriculture, +2 Bonus Seeds 609
Geru's Super-Potent Plant Food +3 Agriculture; lasts two weeks 84

Unlocked by: