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When a wizard and Familiar are amazingly well attuned, a terrible power becomes available to the human: he or she can draw in the Familiar's life force, Expanding every single one of his or her own Attributes, but destroying the creature - and impairing his or her own Ability to form Bonds with other Familiars. [Unsurprisingly, the Ability also brings down a monstrous 10 points of Stress on the survivor.] The practice is called the Gift of the Familiar, on those rare occasions when wizards bring themselves to mention it at all, because the Familiar really does have the choice to refuse.

They just don't.

Note that some wizards have been known to use the technique with Familiars who are mortally wounded by other means; it's argued that the Bond keeps the Familiar's spirit close, even when bodies fail.


Action Types

  • Familiar

Duration: 1

Duel: 1.0