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Region: Academagia[]

Chance of Discovery: 10[]

Traps and alarms, bells and whistles… these are the things that guard this Professor's Podium. Some Professors don't mind having students wander behind their podlum during off hours, but the alarm spells guarding this podium should be enough to tell anyone that this location is not one that should be considered "open for business". Those that make it back and can spend the time, however, often come away with a little more knowledge than they did before, though, making the chance taken well worth the possibility of detention.

Ability (Passive)[]

Those who sneak behind the Glamour Classroom: Professor's Podium can Expand three random Glamour subskills by 1 step each… if they aren't caught first, of course.


  • Expand random Glamour Subskill +1
  • Expand random Glamour Subskill +1
  • Expand random Glamour Subskill +1
  • Inform Glamour Classroom: Back of Room
  • Inform Glamour Classroom: Front of Room

Ability Type[]

  • Active
  • Beneficial

Unlocked by[]