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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

Marcus of the Helm is well known for battling the Wyrm Yurarauth in single combat and winning: sadly, many people forget that it was he who organized Monteon into a single island, eliminating the paper-borders that existed and forcing the people there to recognize their own commonality. The history of the Middle Empire is replete with examples such as this, where battles and combats are remembered instead of expansion and the rise of the merchant-houses as a powerful force in trade and expansion. Still, the Image of Marcus with his wand held high standing on the tail of the Wyrm is stirring and cannot be denied as a powerful and moving sculpture.

Abilities (Active)[]

Godina Park: Marcus of the Helm's Statue[]

Visitors to Marcus of the Helm's statue will, with due contemplation, gain a Skill Step in Administration and Dedication.

Unlocked by[]