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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 15[]

Exploration Difficulty: 22[]

Created with magic still not yet understood, the sculpture known as the Crystal Bridge stands so close to the edge of Godina Park that one would never think it were a part of the sculptures there without being told.  Made more than 600 years ago by the famed sculptor Kimani Nosakaj, a brilliant (if misunderstood) genius of a man who first speculated about the properties of crystals, this bridge was assembled more than sculpted out of 289 separate crystals varying in sizes between finger-tip width to minotaur height.  Kimani employed no assistants, assembled the bridge during a night with no moon, and left absolutely no notes as to how his creation worked; indeed, the only thing Kimani did leave was a note saying that a person who crossed the bridge should keep a face in their mind, and that they person they pictured would ‘suffer the feeling of a world without magic.’  


The Crystal Bridge at Godina Park (Active)[]

The Crystal Bridge at Godina Park will give its visitors 1 Step Expansions to random Astrology, Glamour, Incantation, Negation and Revision Subskills. Note that it's meant to be barred to pedestrian traffic, and that every visit puts you in fairly grave danger of being hauled back to school for detention or worse.

Unlocked by[]