Academagia Wiki

Region: Academagia

Chance of Discovery: 2

Note: Patch 3 & Content Patch 1 changes this area.


Grand Forge

Visitors to the Grand Forge will notice 2-point increases to all their Enchant and Forge Subskills during their stay.

  • Increase Magical Appraisal
  • Increase Materials Knowledge
  • Increase Palettes
  • Increase Theory of Enchantment
  • Increase Armorer
  • Increase Courage
  • Increase Jeweler
  • Increase Metallurgy
  • Increase Weaponsmith

Tidy after the Smiths

Expands random Forge Subskill and random Enchant Subskill by 1 point each.

- Expand Random Forge: 1SS

- Expand Random Enchant: 1SS