Region: Academagia? (No listing in game)

Chance of Discovery: 0


Grand Forge: Personal Station (Passive)

Working at your Personal Station increases all of your Enchant and Forge subskills by 4 points for the duration of your stay.

Accept Commission (Active)

Accept a Commission to earn up to 300 Pims and maybe a point of Glory. To receive the maximum amount of Pims, you have to pass five difficult skill rolls, each worth 60 Pims; Intelligence/Drafting v. 7, Strength/Forge v. 10, Insight/Aesthetics v. 7, Intelligence/Enchant v. 9, and Charm/Negotiate v. 8. To receive the point of Glory, you must pass an extremely difficult Finesse/Forge roll v. 24.

Unlocked by

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