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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 5[]

Weapons, weapons everywhere, but not a one to swing. The Guard's Armory's Display Room is used to recruit members of the public into the Mineta Guard. As the guard is a publicly funded institution, they have very specific rules about not recruiting anyone under a certain age…but there aren't an rules that say the recruiters can't show a person some nifty stuff whlle they're therel Assuming the recruiter isn't busy, he (or she!) will gladly show a visitor around and tell them some juicy details of how each weapon displayed can be used.


Care for Arms (Active)[]

The weapons collection at the Display Room of the Armory is almost constantly in dire need of loving attention; mold and rust are recurring threats, and sometimes one could swear that the guards take the things out of their moorings and give them fresh poundings after the doors close to the public. Anyone who's willing to do some time with the weapons, a whetstone, and some oil can earn a quick 25 pims - as wel as 1-Step Expansions to the Weaponsmith, and Armorer Subskills.

Unlocked by[]