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Region: Imperial Reserve[]

Chance of Discovery: 4[]

The Hall of Storles is arguably the one good thing to emerge from the dramatic and violent life of Arnvald "the Pirate That Other Pirates Generally Prefer to Avoid Except in Cases of Unavoldable Confusion or Outright Bad Judgment" Ghast. The building Is full of the ill-gotten gains of his most ridiculous adventures, donated decades ago (after his mysterious disappearance) to the Duke of Pike's Rotting by Ghast's distinctly non-piratical son Tim in exchange for a comfy place to hide from the old man's more dangerous enemies. The objects, ranging from a stolen mustache to what appears to be a dragon's skull defaced by extremely lewd graffiti, are arranged in chronological order, and detail Ghast's progression from street urchin to unstoppable blight. Complete with diagrams and, where applicable, transcripts of descriptive folk songs.


Hall of Stories (Passive)[]

Those who visit the Hall of Stories will enjoy 1 point Increases to Storytelling and Insight for the duration of their stay.

Unlocked by[]