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Region: Elumia Proper[]

Change of Location: 3[]

Once, the Hotmarshes were known for Chandry Fulquhar's Orchids, plants remembered today for both their healing properties and for their appeal to heroic young lovers on impossible quests; after ten years under the control of a certain mad Revisionist, the orchids are warped and the ground is inhospitable to plants such as they once were.  The grounds were turned over to rangers for a while thereafter - they used them for training - but are now left mostly derelict, though they're close enough to the Academagia to be policed occasionally by members of the staff.  Any student who cares to weave through the dustvines and the walking birds to train can expect 1 Step Expansions to Scouting and Navigation, if he or she is willing to accept a certain amount of risk.


Train in the Hotmarshes (Active)[]

Sprinting between the twisted creatures and moving vines of the Hotmarshes will expand your Navigation and Scouting Subskills by 1 Step each.