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Region: Academagia[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

Note: Changed by Patch 3, Content Patch 1

This cubicle may have the formal name of block-Iike spaces of work. Yet its purpose is far more potent. For not grinding but creative juice-flowing enters and exits the Illumination Cubicle. Constructed as a private place for the plethora of artists the world over, the Illumination Cubicle stands as an unbiased establishment, an art studio if you will, for only the most creative to let their masterpieces flourish. As a part of the more cultured aspects of Academagia, the Cubicle is a breeding ground for creative thought and socal interaction.

In a truly perfect world, these two will become one. And it will take many creative minds to create such a perfect world. Or perhaps… just one?


Illumination Cubicle (Passive)[]

Those who work in the Illumination Cubicle will get a small Increase to Illustration (+1) and Forms (+1) Skills for the duration of their stay.

Limning (Active)[]

Moreover, those visitors to the Cubicle who come with a reasonable amount of Finesse and a lot of skill at Illumination can take a stab at Limning - creating illuminated manuscripts for the school to send to alumni in the hopes that they'll be impressed enough to donate enough pims to crush a dragon.

A basic success (on a Finesse/Illustration Roll v. 9) will earn a student 20 pims and an Expansion of a single Skill Step to a random Art Subskill:

  • Expand Money (20 pims)
  • Expand Random Art subskill

A really good effort (a Finesse/Illustration Roll v. 12) will Expand a random Glamour Subskill by a Step as well:

Work of truly superhuman quality (Finesse/Illustration Roll v. 15) ... well, that doesn't actually earn you much, except the admiration of Professor von Rupprecht (and a 1 point Expansion to your Relationship). Still, it's better than having him loathe you like you're poor Vettor Conta:

Unlocked by[]