Casting the Illustrator's Hand Spell is generally considered taking the easy way out to illuminate a scrap of parchment or book; those who say this are generally those who cannot draw the appropriate Phemes, however, and therefore not be taken over seriously. The spell allows (with a successful Finesse/Glamour Roll v. 7) the caster to Increase his or her Illustration, Drafting and (perhaps unintuitively) Demi-Tour Subskills by 3 points each - quite enough to gussy up a scroll of parchment or a book. Superior castings (Finesse/Glamour Roll v. 13) will also Increase Finesse by 1 point. Duration is three days.


Action Type

  • Beneficial

Spell Types

  • Items
  • Glamour


Duration: 18

Unlocked by

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