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Region: Imperial Reserve[]

Exploration Difficulty: 3[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

During the time of the Emperors, the Elumia Mercantile Society, a sister guild of the Ballosian Traders Guild, held its main office in the Imperial Palace itself. An order from an Emperor had been given for the base of operations to be held within the Palace. The reasoning had been that the Elumia Mercantile Society held great power over commerce and language, and thus it was important for the Emperor to have a closer than usual relationship with this particular organization. It proved to be successful as their relationship had ended only when the line of Emperors itself had ended. The Society now operates in full force still, but has never relocated with a new main office. It now stands as a memorial more than a head office.


Imperial Palace: Mercantile Society Main Office (Active)[]

Visitors to the Imperial Palace: Mercantile Society Main Office will walk away with a small (2 point) increase to their Administration Skill, which will follow them for three days.

Unlocked By[]