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This Spell (In Defiance of Dragons) is reliably recorded as a small but meaningful fraction of the magic cast by Queen Hedi as her armies finally joined those of King Durand, striking against the dragons at the moment of greatest need. The spell Increases the caster's Charm and Leadership by 1 point each, and Increases the Fitness of his or her entire Clique at the same time. Moreover, a Rival's entire Clique simultaneously suffers a 2 point Decrease in Courage. The spell's effects require and Intelligence/Glamour Roll v. 13 to active; once they do, they linger for three full days.


Action Type[]

  • Combat, Spell
  • Clique

Spell Types[]

  • Authority
  • Glamour


Duration: 18[]

Duel Cost: 2[]

Unlocked by[]