The ebony Incantor's Wand has been polished so that it shines. It has affinities with three Incantation phemes, Fabricate, Composure and Emerge, and it Increases the Chance of Success at Incantation Spells by 20%. It will also Increase the user's Incantation Skill by 1.


  • Increase Incantation
  • Increase Chance of Success at Incantation Spells

Item Type


Durability Type: Durable

Durability: 23

Size: 0

Concealability: 0

Worth: 810

Recipe Information

Quality: 2

Artificing Skill: Revision

Finishing Skill: Enchant

Enchant Skill: Incantation


  • Composure (Value = 1)
  • Emerge (Value = 1)
  • Fabricate (Value = 1)

Gained From

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