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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

A gift to the Emperor-less Empire in 1004 from the people of the Oncestria island chain, the Invigorens Arbor (Old Elumian for 'Invigorating Tree') was originally planted in the Imperial Reserve and was only recently (1534) moved to the grounds of the Academagia. The theory in moving the tree was that more people could appreciate its effects that were able to when it was in the Reserve, and current numbers have shown this theory to be correct. The soothing vapors this tree produces occur at least one time per day, and the Invigorating feel everyone who breathes the vapors in get makes them wish to do more of whatever it is they are interested in doing. Those who create artifacts get the best bonuses, for some of their skills are increased and help them to make the best items they can make. Charlatans have also been known to 'bottle' the scent of this tree and sell it to thieves and other notorious types of peoples by telling them about the bonus to one's composure they will receive; while it's true these vapors do enhance someone's composure, what the charlatans 'forget' to mention is that one must been in physical contact with a living part of this tree for that to work.


Invigorens Arbor (Active)[]

With a successful Insight/Concentration Roll v. 11, a visitor to the Invigorens Arbor will receive a 3 point Increase to Composure, a 2 point Increase to Patience, and a 1 point Increase to his or her Natural Philosophy Parent Skill for four days. Happily, he or she will also permanently shed 4 points of Stress.

Unlocked by[]