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The Irrational Pheme carries with it a Decrease of 1 point to its target's Logic and First Principles Subskills. The difficulty level is 4.

Counterpoint to the Rational Pheme, the Irrational Pheme is credited to a tiny group of philosophers who took delight in laying intellectual "traps" along the road to the Academagia from the Imperial Palace and waiting for students and visitors to pass by. They would have some little thing stuck in the road, something of value yet not overly valuable; when a person stopped to pick it up, the philosophers would pounce on these wanderers and accuse them of stealing. The wanderers would (of course) defend themselves, saying they could not be stealing that which was ownerless, thus opening themselves to the tiny group's attack. The group would argue the wanderer down to an emotional nub before walking away, leaving the poor soul despairing of his or her own thought process. They might have gone on for decades were it not for Masavo the Lame; the Emperor had heard of these doings, but rather than move these intellectual hucksters out by force, Masavo gave them a taste of their own tricks by walking the path and picking up the object. When accused of theft, Masavo revealed himself as Emperor and demanded to know how he could steal that which technically already belonged to him, as did everything on the island of Mineta. When the tricksters hastily agreed that his pronouncement was correct, Masavo took them into his service, arguing that since everything on the island was his and they had surely eaten of his food, then they, too, must belong to him by the reasoning of the Shared Properies. Shamed by this irrational-yet-brilliant argument, these tricksters had no choice but to follow Masavo back to the Palace; records show that he turned their little group into bureaucrats, thus perpetuating their tricks in a manner which was only slightly less annoying.

Difficulty: 4[]

Possible Effects[]

Spell Types[]

  • Emotion (Magnitude = 4)
  • Mind (Magnitude = 4)
  • Irrational (Magnitude = 4)
  • Opposition Rational (Magnitude = 3)

Unlocked by[]