Academagia Wiki

Items in Academagia - those which the Main Character doesn't already have upon arrival - can be found during Adventures and Events; awarded by an Instructor's Favor; bought from Shops; stolen or extorted from fellow Students; or even created via Artifice. Items can also be sold at Shops for Pims.

You can inspect items in your possession by bringing up your Inventory, which has two dedicated buttons, one on the timepiece-console and one attached to the seal.

Aside from any equipment provided by certain Backgrounds, the Main Character also begins the school year with a six-page letter from Gera.

Using Items[]

Equipped Items are activated by selecting "Use Item" in the Calendar Menu (yes, it will take a third of a day to eat a Caramel Chew). Some have Passive effects (usually to increase a Skill or Attribute) and some have uses that manifest in the Action Menu instead.

No matter how they are activated, Items have to be worn on your person, as opposed to being stored in your Wardrobe. For passive effects you have to wear them by dragging them onto the dummy on the right or right-click them with your mouse.

Item Properties[]

  • Type (potion, weapon, book, etc.)
  • Durability
    • Durable (number): how much damage an item can take. There are spells and Phemes to enhance Durability
    • Perishable (number): shelf life given in days.
  • Size (affects Encumbrance)
  • Concealability (see below)
  • Worth in Pims
  • Abilities (adding/reducing Stress, Vitality, Skill Levels, Attributes, modifiers to Abilities or Spells, the damage inflicted by a Weapon, etc.)


Acquire (and sometimes sell) items by engaging various merchants with Action:Shop in the calendar menu. Only one Shop per Action, unfortunately.

Mind the shop description:

  • Catalogues will allow you to order items, which will take 5-10 days to arrive; unsurprisingly, you cannot sell anything to a Catalogue.
  • Merchants will sell to you immediately and buy items from you.
  • Shops will sell immediately but will not buy from you.
  • to buy or sell, select the appropriate item by left-clicking, which will highlight it and add the price below. To deselect, click again.


  • To avoid professors confiscating your items, mind your Conceal Skill vs. your items' concealability.
    • A lower concealability means the item is easier to hide.
    • A "0" concealability means you don't have to worry about it (rings etc.).
  • When stored in your Wardrobe, Items cannot be confiscated ... but nor can they be used!

Identifying Items[]

Some items will not reveal their properties until identification.


  • You can craft items with the Action of Artifice.
    • This leads to a menu where you select what you want to create (only after you have pressed the Confirm Orders button for the day's schedule).
    • Sometimes (e.g. in the case of Informational Tracts) this is the only way to find out which components you need to craft an Item. (It's not under Items/Recipes)
    • Artifice is unlocked by raising the Forge and[?] Engineering Parent Skills to 1.
  • Artifice requires you to be informed about the item. Instructions can be acquired by buying them at Shops (and using Ability: Informational Tract _____), raising certain Skills, or passing certain points in various Adventures/Events.
  • Some components may themselves need to be crafted from others (or you might want to do so to save on Pims).
  • To actually craft the components together, you need to know the item's particular Artificing Skill, Finishing Skill and Enchant Skill - which combination will differ considerably from item to item. See any craftable Item for an example of which Skills apply.
  • various locations (chosen when you press the read button after selecting your daily calendar activities) can help you buff your skills to ensure success, as can other items, actions, abilities and spells (as usual).
  • While all Items have some form of crafting instructions, many are not actually 'craftable' - at least during Year One! This might be a technicality of the game engine - or perhaps more advanced students of the Academagia may find more advanced ways to create!