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Not so much unscrupulous as uncaring, the items that Jacques sells show his utter disdain for the Empire and its inability to shut him down. The fact that a reward is offered for any person or persons who can track down his place of business and report it to the Empire doesn’t even give him pause; knowing full well that he is sometimes sending his items to an agent of the Empire, he seems to relish the opportunity to rub everyone’s face in the fact that he is utterly untraceable. So far, that is to say….

Item Name Effect Price
The Bracelet of Perpetual Pain +2 Stress Minimum, +3 Willpower 108
Perspective Powder +2 Perception for three days, 3 doses 47
Ball and Chain

Give target Night Terror (-1 Reason, -1 Courage);

Intelligence/History vs Intelligence/Reason target

Obsidian, Small +1 Courtly Fashion, +1 Mastery Methods 675
Draconian Methodology Informs about Mastery and all it's subskills, highly illegal, needs high concealment 950
Icanyke's Wand

+3 Gates, +3 Gates Phemes,

+2 Incantation, +2 Revision Methods

Affinity for Agitation (Pheme) (1x) and Heart (Pheme) (1x)

Dragon Bone Wand

+1 Concentration, +1 Incantation, +1 Mastery

Affinity for Fire (Pheme) (3x) and Inferno (Pheme) (3x)


Unlocked By